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Ages of Alchemy

An RP site inspired by Full Metal Alchemist
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 Riku Tensei- Cold Blooded Alchemist WIP

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PostSubject: Riku Tensei- Cold Blooded Alchemist WIP   Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:04 am

Name: Riku Tensei
Alias: Cold Blooded Alchemist
Gender Male
Age: 19

Nationality: Japanese
Home Country: Japan

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 135 lbs
Appearance: Riku stands out quite a bit from other people. His face is smooth and calm, though it doesn't have the warming and cute appearance you are probably imagining. Instead, his face is filled with a dark but shy presence. His teeth are unnaturally pointed, giving him an almost menacing appearance. His lips have 2 black rings on his lower lip, one on each side forming Snake-Bite piercings. His skin is a rather pale color, though in more of a Vampire way than a sick looking way. Starting from under his chin (not on his chin) and going down his neck are black pointed lines, the points ending near the bottom of the neck. The bangs of his hair are long and parted to the right, going only a few inches past his chin. The sides where his side burns are hang down a few inches more than the bangs, touching his shoulders. The back is all spiked up. The color is blonde while the back, tips of the sides, and tips of the bangs are black. Riku's eyes are different colors. The right is an intense neon purple while the left is an equally intense neon turquoise color. He wears black eyeliner around his eyes, even covering his eye lids.

Clothing: His upper half wears a zip-up black hoodie. The collar of the hoodie and the bottom edge are outlined with a bit of white fur at the edge. The jacket is open, showing a black and white stripped shirt which is slightly loose on him. Upon the back of the hoodie is the Japanese Kanji for Zetsubou no Kami, or God of Despair in white. The bottom of the hoodie along with the sides of the sleeves are lined with a white tribal print. The right side of the front has katakana going downwards that reads "Riku in Despair."

His lower half wears a pair of baggy black pants. They are slightly big, but they seem to have been made this way. The sides of the pants above the knee have pockets, along with the usual pockets at the hips. Starting about 2 inches above the knee and ending right below the knee, the pants are purposely cut open. Black stitches forming Xs go over these areas, but it is obvious that they were not placed there to close the open part of the pants, but rather to decorate them. Around his waste is a black and white checkered studded belt. Starting from his right hip and hanging down over to the left is a white belt with black studds. Starting from his left hip and hanging over to his right is an identical belt, forming an X with the first. His feet wear white shoes. The soles and bottom edge of the sides are black while the top is white. The edge of the top is oultined with a black and white checker print. The shoes have two straps with buckles rather than laces. These buckles are white and have silver studds going across them.

Miscellaneous: His right hand holds silver rings on his thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers. He also wears rings on his left ring and pinkey fingers. His black nails never seem to chip as if it wasn't nail polish, but rather the original color of his nails. Upon the back of his right hand is a dark red tattoo with the Japanese Kanji for Shini, or Death

Personality: Riku is the distant type. His face is always calm with a slight hint of anger. He tends to remain quiet and avoid people, not enjoying company much. He is strong and confident in his abilities, fearless in showing them off when the situation calls for it, though not in a flashy manner.

Rank: SS-Rank
Title: Alchemist
Sub-title: State Alchemist
Proficiencies: Ice Alchemy

  • Cold Blooded Jacket
  • Cold Blooded Rings
  • Name: Hellbringer/Harbinger
    Rank: A/A
    Type: Weapon/Handguns
    Description: Hellbringer is a custom .44 Magnum. It has an round rotary cylinder and is 13 cm long. Harbinger is a .45 Custom handgun. It has a 10 round magazine of .45 caliber FMJ bullets
    Effect: N/A
  • Name: Ice Alchemical Bullets
    Rank: S
    Type: Weapon/Ammunition
    Description: Ice Alchemical Bullets are special bullets that contain a small amount of water inside the tip. The tip is flat and has an alchemical circle emblazoned upon it.
    Effect: These bullets are meant to increase damage. Whatever they strike will freeze over with ice in a 2 inch diameter. This will cause frostbite to foes.


Technique Slots: 32
Total Techniques: 12

Background: Riku was born and raised in Japan by his mother. His father died when Riku was only 3 months old, leaving his mother alone to raise him. She neglected him often, putting herself and her drinking before her son. This turned him into a slightly disturbed child. By the age of 13, he began cutting himself. though not out of depression but rather out of pleasure. As he came into middle school, he met a young kid from Germany named Alex. Alex talked about how he had moved to Japan to study alchemy and this intrigued him, causing Riku's interest in Alchemy.

During High School, they managed to find an instructor by the name of Daichi. He taught them the ways of alchemy and shaped them into the powerful Alchemists they are today. Alex spoke to Riku about his interest in becoming a State Alchemist and Riku followed suit. Utilizing both their unique forms of alchemy, they realized they could combine them together to strengthen eachother. They passed both the written exam and practical exam with flying colors, becoming State Alchemists at the same time.
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PostSubject: Re: Riku Tensei- Cold Blooded Alchemist WIP   Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:59 pm

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Riku Tensei- Cold Blooded Alchemist WIP
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