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 RPC Ranks/Ranking up/Weapon and Technique ranks

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RPC Ranks/Ranking up/Weapon and Technique ranks Empty
PostSubject: RPC Ranks/Ranking up/Weapon and Technique ranks   RPC Ranks/Ranking up/Weapon and Technique ranks I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 25, 2010 10:36 am

There are various ranks an RPC can achieve. The ranks go in order from lowest to highest: E, D, C, B, A, S, and SS. SS is a rank only given out by Admins to users who have shown they are great and deserving RPers. The rank of your character determines your power. It determines what rank of weapons you can use as well as what rank of techniques you can know and how many techniques you may learn. An RPC can advance in rank by creating a thread with the words [Rank Training] in the title. They will then Role play some form of training and a moderator will come in and grade each post. The user must achieve 30 points in a thread in order to rank up.

Every RPC can rank train only twice from the beginning. If they wish to advance in rank again, they must take a "test" or mission and upon completion, they will be granted another rank train.

Just like RPCs, Techniques and Weapons have ranks. These also range from E to SS. Depending on the RPC's rank, they can only use up to a certain rank of techniques and weapons. It breaks down like this:
  • E-D rank: Up to C ranked weapons and techniques
  • C-B rank: Up to B ranked weapons and techniques
  • A-S rank: Up to S ranked weapons and techniques
  • SS rank: Up to SS rank weapons and techniques
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RPC Ranks/Ranking up/Weapon and Technique ranks
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