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Ages of Alchemy

An RP site inspired by Full Metal Alchemist
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 Alex Klug State Alchemist

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PostSubject: Alex Klug State Alchemist   Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:45 pm

Name: Alexander “Alex” Klug
Alias: Diamond Alchemist
Nationality: German
Home Country: Japan

Weight: 150
Appearance:Alex stands out amongst the people of Japan because where most people don’t have much facial hair, most of their hair is black or brown, and their eyes are brown; Alex has enough hair he pretty much has to shave daily, his hair is blond, and his eyes are an odd mix of green, blue, and grey. His face looks triangular, because of a greater slope to his chin. His body’s build is a more compact, even though he may be muscular, you wouldn’t know at first glance. Alex’s skin, although naturally light, can take on a more olive complexion, depending on how long he’s been out in the sun. Alex’s hair is relatively short and wavy, going from the top of his head to the bottom of his head.
Clothing: Alex generally runs around in his State issued uniform, made up of: Brown leather boots, ___, and _____. When the occasion permits, Alex wears something more casual and less of a bull’s-eye. From the bottom up he always wears a pair of combat boots, next up would be a pair of dark green pants, with a great number of pockets, zippers, buttons, Velcro, etc. He will wear a loose fitting shirt of varying, but usually dark colors. He will always have glasses anywhere from the end of his nose to the bridge.
Miscellaneous: Wears a pair of cloves and carries around a dictionary sized book.
Personality: Alex is generally very determined once he decides to actually do something, although he is generally open to suggestions when actually deciding what to do. Alex is very reluctant to show his abilities’ full strength, but when convinced, he won’t hold back, more intent on permanently silencing someone than keeping his abilities variable. Otherwise, Alex is generally more laid back, almost lazy.

Rank: SS-Rank
Title: Alchemist
Sub-title: State Alchemist
Proficiencies: Carbon Based Alchemies and Documentation thereof.

Lexicon Carbonis
Igneus/Non-Igneus Gloves

Technique Slots: 32
Total Techniques: 12
Background: Alex was born to the average, middle class family in Germany at the time; it was peaceful and Alex suffered little hardship. However, somewhere down the line he picked up an interest in Alchemy, a “Magical Chemistry” is what he called it. Eventually his family moved to Japan when he was in middle school. There he met a child by the name of Riku; the two almost instantly became friends, and Alex slowly got Riku interested in Alchemy.
In high school, the two of them found an expert named “Daichi” to teach them. The two of them now attribute their success in part to their teacher, who put them through rigorous; both mentally and physically straining training. Eventually Alex found out about the state Alchemists and began talking about it with Riku, who warmed up to the idea and soon joined him. Soon enough, both Alex and Riku were taking the exams passing with flying colors.
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PostSubject: Re: Alex Klug State Alchemist   Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:58 pm

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Alex Klug State Alchemist
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