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Ages of Alchemy

An RP site inspired by Full Metal Alchemist
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 Abilities/Ability Limits

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PostSubject: Abilities/Ability Limits   Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:24 am

Abilities are special powers that only your RPC knows. Abilities don't have a drain on your character's endurance or anything, unless specified specifically. Abilities are not to be confused with techniques. Example; A technique would be to shoot fire balls at people with Alchemy, but an ability would be the power to levitate or something. Abilities are learned the same was as rank training. Each ability has a set amount of TP needed to learn. A user will first ask permission from an admin to learn an ability. If granted, they make a thread of their character attempting the ability just like they would for technique training, but it is graded by a moderator like rank training.

Depending on your character's rank, an RPC may only know a certain amount of abilities.
  • E-C rank: 1 Ability
  • B-A rank: 2 abilities
  • S rank: 3 Abilities
  • SS rank: 4 abilities
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Abilities/Ability Limits
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